Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Check out this little know airline that is growing fast. If you play your cards right, you can fly for as low as $ 29 each way to Baltimore or Washington DC or Pittsburgh.

See their locations map and a slightly dated route map



You can save another 10% off of prices if you buy their prepaid card ahead of time

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


[post updated on Feb 2 3009]
This post explains:
1. How to get magazine subscriptions for your miles.
The airlines are arranged alphabetically.
2. How to convert miles from one airline to another or to convert miles to very useful amazon gift certificate money (via points.com).

AMERICAN AIRLINES----------Follow this Link


DELTA AIRLINES-------------- Follow this link

HAWAIIAN AIRLINES----------Follow this link

NORTHWEST AIRLINES------ Follow this link

UNITED AIRLINES------------- Follow this link
(zip code needed)

US AIRWAYS------------------- Follow this link
For US Airways, one needs to visit this link (turn pop up blocker off):
You will see two listings under
Subscriptions for miles
Newspapers (via Points.com only)
Magazines (via US Airways)
(NOTE: turn off your pop up blocker on US Airways website)

POINTS.COM-------------------- Follow this link
(portal to manage airline miles and points and swap)
This is another way to go from airlines miles of Hawaiian, American, US Airways etc and get magazines but the steepest conversion losses will be incurred at Points.com.

Gives additional flexibilty to convert miles that you cannot use for travel purposes.
Approximate conversion rate to amazon.com gift certificate value* is discussed here.

I converted some about to expire 13,000 US airways miles from my mom's Dividend miles account to some my Amazon cash. Of course I gave her some gold jewelry as a gift so it evens out.
At points.com, you can convert miles at rates ranging from 0.8 cent/mile to as low as 0.4 cent/mile , which is way lower than my threshold of 1c/mile).

If you want any other Airlines to be covered or have info on other airlines, please leave me a comment and I will add that to this list very soon. Thank you!

Looking for paid magazine subscriptions?

Visit this link (at Amazon):
Magazine Subscriptions From Amazon

Maybe people are trying to use up their accumulated miles for something, rather than letting them go waste. Considering how hard it has become to redeem miles for award tickets nowadays, converting them to magazines or Amazon cash (more on that in another page) is very welcome.

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